Road trips are common during the summer, and to ensure every adventure is enjoyable, it’s important to get your vehicle serviced prior to heading out. One of the most vital aspects of maintenance is brake service. The braking system in your Nissan Sentra or RAM 1500 ensures your stopping in any and all conditions. Sansone Auto Group, your trusted choice for new and used car sales in Avenel, NJ, is here to help with all your automotive needs, including brake checks and a variety of brake services.

Professional brake service in our auto center will help detect a potential issue, such as if your brake pads are too worn. However, there are multiple signs to look out for that indicate your brakes need attention:

  • Squeaking or squealing while braking
  • Vibration
  • Vehicle pulling to one side

Even if you’re not experiencing brake issues, getting yours regularly checked will ensure your peace of mind every time you buckle up.

When it comes to your car, you only want professional, certified technicians working on it. Sansone Auto Group features state-of-the-art service centers and knowledgeable staff to help you get your brakes in check so that you are safe on the road.

For your convenience, our service centers are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30am to 6pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30am to 8pm. And on Saturday from 7:30am to 4pm.

If you would like to talk to our service professionals in person, Sansone Auto Group is located at 90-100 US Highway 1 North in Avenel, NJ. Just search for “car dealership near me,” and come on down. To set up an appointment for brake service, simply give our team a call at (866) 328-3333 and we will get you in at a time that’s convenient for you.