At Sansone Auto, we know just how many myths there are about the car buying process. At our dealership we do the best we can to bust these myths and make it simple to buy one of the cars for sale here on our lot. Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions and why you might want to ignore that advice about car shopping that you heard from a friend of a friend.

Paying Cash is Best

When it comes to some purchases, paying in cash can get you a significant discount. We’re not surprised that some potential car buyers think that the auto industry works the same way, but in reality showing up with a bundle of cash generally won’t encourage dealers to lower the price.

Bring in Your Own Financing

A dealership like ours has relationships with a variety of lending institutions. If you decide to bring in your own financing, you might actually end up missing out on our latest offers and some manufacturer incentives for well-qualified buyers or lessees.

Wait Until a Rainy Day

Sometimes car buyers have decided that dealers will be more desperate to sell a car under certain conditions. Whether it’s on a rainy day or at the end of the month, we can guarantee that many other drivers have heard this myth as well. This means that not only are you not going to get a deal on a rainy day, but that the showroom might actually be more crowded because everyone else has heard this rumor too!

Hide Your Trade-In

If you have a car to trade in, don’t hide it. One car buying myth many drivers believe is that you should let the dealer finalize the new car price and then spring your trade-in on them. This won’t help lower the price and just ends up wasting everyone’s time.

Now that these myths are busted, it’s time for you to visit one of our New Jersey car dealerships. Our expert dealers can help you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle, whether you’re looking for luxury, rugged off-road performance, or advanced towing capabilities. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!