Sansone Auto Group is always available to tackle whatever automotive needs you may have. From new vehicles to quality pre-owned models, we are your number one stop when you are looking to buy or lease. When it comes to service, you can trust us to have your vehicle in and out in a timely fashion.

Change Your Oil

You can only drive your vehicle for so long before you need to think about getting the oil changed. Fresh, clean oil is important for engine function and keeping all the components properly lubricated. Excessive friction can lead to damage or the eventual break down of your engine. This is why you need to have the older, gummy oil removed, the oil filter changed, and fresh oil pumped in. Taking care of regular oil changes as suggested by the manufacturer will improve vehicle longevity while also adding to overall driving enjoyment.

Our Service Center

In our service centers at Sansone Auto Group, we feature trained technicians and the latest technology to give you the quality work you need. If you are not sure how often you should be having the oil changed in your car, we can talk with you about a suggested timeline to keep you on top of all maintenance needs. To make an appointment for an oil change, please give us a call in the service department at (866) 328-3333.

When it is time to take on whatever maintenance your vehicle requires, you can trust in us at Sansone Auto Group. You will find our full-service dealership located at 90-100 US Highway 1 North in beautiful Avenel, NJ.