A wheel alignment is necessary to make sure that your tires are meeting the road properly, that they follow your turns, and are centered within the wheel wells. If you are unsure if your vehicle needs realignment, you can count on the professional technicians in our state-of-the-art auto service center here at Sansone Auto Group to take a look. We are always fair and upfront with all of our pricing and are proud of all the work we perform here at our family of NJ dealerships.

We recommend an alignment when:

  • You switch to a new set of tires
  • You have your vehicle lifted or lowered
  • If your suspension components are damaged or replaced
  • Your vehicle has been through a minor accident or come into hard contact with road debris or the curb
  • It has been at least a year since the last wheel alignment

You need to know that misalignment may not always be something that you can see. The angles of your tires could seem right at first glance, but still feel off when you’re driving. Our professional technicians will do a full inspection and see how your vehicle performs to properly diagnose the issue that you are having. From there, we can replace any necessary parts and ensure that your vehicle alignment is back on track and that you are ready to get out on the road to enjoy your ride.

We are always available for wheel alignments and any other services that you need here at Sansone Auto Group. Give us a call today, stop by, or use our convenient online service scheduling form. Be sure to check for any available service specials that may save you money on your next visit!