It will be a lot easier for you to find a high-quality used car when you have a good dealership to work with and all of the right information and tools. Not only do we have a great selection of used cars to choose from at Sansone Auto Group, but our entire inventory New Jersey is second to none. We would like to help you to find the perfect vehicle to fit in with your needs, so we have gathered some helpful tips that you can use to assist with the selection and buying process.

Set your shopping budget – It is a good idea to put together a budget as a guideline to assist you as you shop. You should try to put down at least 10% initially and then finance for 3 years. It is also best to know that your total automotive expenses every month should not exceed 20% of your regular take-home pay each month.

Selecting your vehicle – Take some time to research which body style you are most interested in and ask yourself questions regarding other details. Are you looking for advanced safety? Would you like to have ample seating for more passengers?

Know the cost of ownership – In addition to the amount you will be paying each month for financing, you should also know the added costs for operating and ownership. This will include costs such as fuel, registration fees, insurance, and maintenance.

We would like to help you shop, so come in to talk with us at Sansone Auto Group about buying a used car today! If you have questions on selection or financing, simply give us a call at (866) 328-3333. You will find our full inventory located at our state-of-the-art dealership at 90-100 US Highway 1 North in Avenel, NJ.