How the tires of your vehicle meet the road impacts handling, braking, stability, steering, and traction. Your tires will wear down over time, so you need to be proactive and know what to look for so that they can be replaced when necessary. The last thing that you want is for something to go wrong with your tires while you are driving. Our staff at Sansone Auto Group is here to address any tires needs or concerns that you may have. All you have to do is set up a time in our service center to have us take a look. We have put together some information to help you monitor your tires:

Treadwear Patterns–There are plenty of scenarios that can cause premature or uneven wear of the tread on your tires. This includes underinflated or overinflated tires, misalignment, and more. We can inspect your tires to see if there are odd treadwear patterns, offer advice on what is happening, and discuss the need for a tire rotation or new tires.

Tread Depth – Your tires have treads to enhance traction. Once the tread is worn down, you can slip and slide when the roads are covered with snow, water, or ice. It is best to make sure your tires are replaced when the tread is at 1/16th of an inch, but some people like to have a new set mounted and balanced much sooner to be on the safe side.

Damage – You could have a puncture in your tire from a rock, nail, or another sharp object. Other forms of damage include cracks in the sidewall, blistering, bulging, or warping. Our auto service technicians can take a look to inspect for damage and make suggestions on repair or replacement.

When you know that new tires are in your near future, you can trust our staff here at Sansone Auto Group to help. You can use the online scheduler form to set up your tire service appointment, give us a call or just stop by to see us at the dealership located at 90-100 US Highway 1 North in Avenel, NJ.