You love your new and pre-owned vehicles. That’s why now is the perfect time to schedule a service appointment with our team here at Sansone Auto, the place to go for certified technicians, genuine parts, and a comfortable, convenient waiting room.

There’s no better way to keep your vehicle running properly than with routine car care—and we’ve got you covered. We provide services like tire rotations and tread checks, which can prevent uneven wear, indicating a more serious alignment issue, and keep your vehicle as responsive and capable on the road as possible, even in inclement weather or poor driving conditions.

Simple things like oil changes, fluid fill-ups, and battery inspections can also make your 2020 Hyundai model more efficient as well. That means you’ll both help to protect the environment with energy-saving driving, and your vehicle will take on the track, open road, or next off-road adventure the way it was meant to.

Keep a detailed history of your vehicle’s service checks. If you decide to sell your car down the line, a history of service and oil changes is an excellent way to get the value you deserve for your vehicle. And, of course, every ride is smoother and more enjoyable in a car that has been well maintained.

Schedule an easy and convenient appointment right on our website, borrow one of our loaner vehicles, or plan to enjoy time in our comfortable waiting facility, with refreshments, Wi-Fi access, and even an area for the little ones to play. From your battery to your brakes to your tires, our team here at the Sansone Auto family has you covered.