While we cannot deny the exhilaration that comes with driving off the lot of our dealership in a new Hyundai or RAM, buying a new car just isn’t economical for many Avenel, NJ area drivers. Instead, our dealers recommend shopping our huge selection of used cars for sale to find a great deal. While the main reason to buy used is to save money, there are other great reasons to purchase pre-owned. 

If your goal is to save money, buying a used car can save you money in more ways than one. Modern vehicles are known for their longevity, and even if you buy a car that’s a couple of years old, it’s designed to last for the long haul. According to experts, new cars typically depreciate about 20 percent when they are first driven off the dealership lot, and most cars lose an additional 10 percent of value within the following year. A simple way to avoid this 30 percent loss of value is to buy used when the car has already undergone the worst depreciation.

If you’re a driver who wants the very best quality of used car, truck, or SUV, consider purchasing a certified pre-owned model near Staten Island, NY. Every car that is part of the Certified Pre-Owned program is a maximum of five years old and has undergone a comprehensive multi-point quality assurance inspection by a dealership technician. Additionally, they often come with a warranty, roadside assistance, and additional perks. Each manufacturer is different, so be sure to contact us regarding specifications.

To shop our used selection, head over to Sansone Auto. We look forward to helping you at one of our dealership locations in Avenel, NJ!