Purchasing a used vehicle is an option looking better and better for a lot of shoppers. You may have been programmed into thinking that buying a brand-new car is the best and only way to go when you want the latest technology or dependability, but this is not always the truth. When you work with a dealership that is passionate about their inventory, used and new, you will always have a great experience and leave knowing that you made a smart investment. We’re always ready to help here at Sansone Auto Group.

Working with a used car dealer is gives you a range of advantages. Not only do we offer a full selection of new vehicles at our family of dealerships, but our used inventory is second-to-none. When you opt for a used car with us at Sansone Auto Group, you can:

  • Save money on the purchase price
  • Never fall victim to sticker shock
  • Take advantage of the lower depreciation
  • Receive a detailed vehicle history report on any of the used inventory that we have in stock
  • Experience a lower insurance rate than a more-expensive new car
  • Enjoy a dependable vehicle with the latest features and technology
  • Know that you have amazing financing options with lower loan rates if you qualify, and much more!

We are here to help you understand that we can help with your new car search or walk you through used car sales here at Sansone Auto Group. We carry brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, and a wide variety of body styles so that you can find the perfect vehicle to meet up with your buying criteria and driving needs.